What Is The Point of A Blog?

Update to this post:
When switching from .com to .org, I lost the ability to re-blog (bummer, right?) but I really liked this particular post—as noted in the copy below—so if you’re intrigued by the question, give a click—and a read.

I read this while half-asleep this AM, and I was 110% smitten with Catherine, Caffeinated‘s words. I mean, “What is the point of a blog?” IS a good question, right? I certainly wax poetic to all of my clients, about the merits of blogging, and admittedly, spend far more time on my personal blog than my biz blog and occasionally on my husband and children. It’s my space, and I dig it. And thanks to Catherine, Caffeinated, I can dig it all the more. After all, writers have to write. And, as you’ll note upon visiting my blog, sometimes, 140 characters just isn’t enough.

have a thought to share? just DEW it. please just do it respectfully.

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