Unleash Your Potential: Mental Strength Coach Cara Bradley Q+A

Want to know how to unleash your potential at work, at home and on the field (or track, court, stage…), SoulForce author Cara Bradley reveals her insights in this compelling Q+A.

I don’t usually post work-related writing here, but I am so impressed with the mindset behind Philadelphia-based mental strength coach—and founder of Verge Yoga and Verge Athlete—Cara Bradley‘s forthcoming book (as well as her ability to articulate this so clearly and passionately), that I can’t resist sharing.

I think we all set aside goals (or simply ignore them) for a range of reasons, then one day, we wake up and realize that it’s now or never. And of course, goals come in all shapes and sizes, and levels of significance in our personal stories. Slowing down, dimming the noise and figuring out what you want—and are capable of—is the first step to realizing your full potential. Don’t take my word for it though… Once you read this Q+A, I suspect you’ll be first in line to buy Cara’s book, SoulForce, and to unleash your potential.

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