Ticket Giveaway: The Franklin Institute and Opera Philadelphia

opera phila logoDEADLINE EXTENDED: A chance to nab two tickets to tomorrow’sTODAY’s “sold out” free simulcast performance of Death and the Powers, a collaborative and interactive opera experience hosted by Opera Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute. This unique opportunity is part of a global experiment that gives audiences in ten locations in Europe and the U.S. access to acclaimed American composer/inventor Tod Machover’s sci-fi drama developed at the MIT Media Lab as it is performed live at The Dallas Opera

A pair of tickets have been set aside for the first person to DM me on Twitter @eatDEWwrite between now and 8:00AM 1PM. It’s short notice, but I’m truly hoping someone out there will be interested and excited to check it out. If I weren’t out of town, I’d be first in line. DM me your name and contact information and the tickets will be waiting for you at The Franklin Institute.

The performance combines technology and music, a chorus of autonomous robots—and a remote controlled musical chandelier—in a poignant tale of a terminally ill billionaire who cheats death by uploading his mind, memories, and emotions into “the System,” a technological environment of his own creation. He proceeds to use all his powers to persuade his loved ones to join him there. What transpires throughout the opera will change the way attendees look at life, love and eternity—and the way they think about opera in the Digital Age.

Unlike traditional performances, where the audience is asked to turn off their cell phones, Death and the Powers was created to work in tandem with cell phones, tablets and other handheld devices. During the opera, audience members will interact with the performers, at times influencing the visual elements in the Winspear Opera House in real time, as they unfold, by using a specially created app. Named “Powers Live,” the app was designed and implemented at the MIT Media Lab by graduate students Peter Torpey and Ben Bloomberg, under Tod Machover’s direction.

Despite Mother Nature’s recent attempts to shut down the city, Opera Philadelphia hasn’t missed a beat. Throughout the month, the organization has been setting the stage for a technology friendly opera experience, promoting opera’s relevancy and accessibility—and a “cell phones on” policy. On February 7, it hosted a Social Media Night during which bloggers and digital media guests live-tweeted the Opening Night performance of Osvaldo Golijov’s AINADAMAR using the hashtag #lorcaopera.

The Dallas Opera Global Simulcast begins with several family friendly activities and winds down with Q&A with Opera Philadelphia’s General Director and President David Devan. The day’s schedule is listed below:

  • 9:30AM: Museum opens w/robot activities at The Franklin Institute (museum admission required)
  • 1:45PM: Doors to The Franklin Theater open
  • 2:15PM.: Learn about and download the “Powers Live” app
  • 2:30PM: Pre-opera content from Dallas
  • 3:00PM: Death and the Powers performance simulcast begins
  • 4:30PM: Q&A with David Devan

I sure hope to hear from someone about these free tickets. If you love opera, sci-fi and technology, this will be a great way for you to have impact on the future of not just opera, but musical performances around the world.


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