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Family-friendly Valentine’s Day breakfast eats

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As a lifelong Valentine’s Day junkie (blame it on the allure of colorful paper and candy hearts, and a penchant for showing off my penmanship), I have earned my celebration planning stripes—at least when it comes to cooking and sweets gifting. My “baby” is approaching 15, and with the rise of social sharing, I have been approaching each holiday with bittersweet sentiments and a go-get-’em attitude of “I’ll make that for my grandchildren,” which are nowhere in sight. It’s also a bit frustrating to not have many photos of all the nifty food and crafts—if only to remind my middle child that yes, at one point in my life, I was VERY crafty.

Back in the day, Valentine’s Day was the next best thing to Easter and Christmas, with my kids waking up to a stack of Beanie Babies, homemade cookies “bedazzled” in pink, purple and red adornments, a Chinese food or themed tin full of conversation hearts; pink, red and white m&ms, and the permanently-turning-their-tongues-blue-or-red Ring Pop.

Depending upon the year, and that day’s schedule, a celebratory breakfast was also on the Valentine’s Day activities list. Simple combinations of heart-shaped waffles with strawberry sauce and whipped cream (easily made with large Eggo waffles if short on time), heart-shaped eggs in a nest—traditional of French toast style—and no-fuss scones with dried cherries and on occasion, shredded coconut and shaved bittersweet chocolate. All ridiculously easy and greeted enthusiastically.

Even if you don’t have time for a festive morning repast, you can still have fun celebrating with PJs and breakfast for dinner, which we all know kids go gaga over. So grab a couple of heart-shaped cookie cutters, a rolling pin, some eggs, etcetera, and get cooking. Here’s the rest of what you’ll need:  Continue reading

family-friendly grilled pizza five ways

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Realized that I was sitting on some pretty tasty recipes over here on the day gig’s blog, so I decided to share the deliciousness. As you’ll read, this post was originally part of a virtual dinner party experiment by a group of Philly Social Media Moms bloggers. There are a number of interesting, easy-to-prepare and family-friendly recipes to click through, so enjoy. And, if you’re up for a virtual dinner party and have room at the “table,” I would be thrilled to join in the fun.