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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, which makes getting back into the routine akin to starting back at the gym after a few weeks off. The first workout, or in my case blog post, is the hardest to knock out. Lucky for me, one of my sister Philly Social Media Moms and kindred-spirit food fanatic, Heather McCurdy caught my eye on Facebook the other day with these tiny tacos. I am happy to send you her way, because not only is her blog fun to read, she has a bevy of delicious, simple to prepare recipes (served up with a side of sass) and more bite size app recipes in the oven. Thanks to her, my re-entry into is a Super Bowl of fun.

Before I send you over to Real the Kitchen and Beyond, scan your eyes south for a few more recipes to boost your Super Bowl repertoire. And, to satisfy those guests who really don’t give a hoot about the big game.

In the apps for dummies category, I have a super simple recipe made with mid-size portobello mushrooms, Whole Foods spinach and artichoke dip (packed in tubs and possibly in an artichoke-only version as well; in my stores they keep this type of stuff near the prepared foods counter), sun-dried tomato slivers and shredded manchego or locatelli cheese. I made this on a whim once and it was better than I expected. The steps are ridiculously easy and they look quite pretty when done. Alas, for this post, I don’t have an exact shot of the final product. However, the photo below will get your taste buds incentivized. I’ll try to make a batch ASAP and circle back with pics. In the meantime, what you really need to know is under the photo.


Figure about 2 mushrooms/person because they’re on the bigger side. you can also cut them in half, but I like to serve with a small fork and knife* and let guests have at it. If you’re only having a small group, say 8-12, they’re perfect.

  • Generously spoon dip into the mushroom cap (usually these types of bellos come with stem already removed)
  • Top first with a pinch of shredded cheese, enough to be enticing but not to start spilling over. Give a little schmush with your finger to press down into dip
  • Criss-cross two sun-dried tomato slivers over the cheese. It’s extra delicious when you either accidentally or purposely get some of the oil that the tomatoes are packed in, drizzle onto the mixture.
  • Pop into 350-degree oven and bake for about 10-12 minutes. You just want the filling to heat up and the mushrooms to be soft and start to release their juice, which punches up the entire flavor profile.

* A lot of the grocery stores now have those swanky faux silver miniature flatware for this purpose. I also love using Chinet’s plain white, 6-inch+ square dessert plates. I rarely use paper products, but I love these for parties because they mix with everything and still look sophisticated.

spicy carrot latkes

Spicy Carrot Latkes courtesy of; photo by Andrew Scrivani

I’ve also become obsessed with latkes ever since reading this New York Times feature just after Thanksgiving. I can’t get away with calling these recipes “easy,” because when you make them without actual leftovers, they’re going to take some time. But trust me, once you sift through these savory pancakes, you’ll be drooling all over your keyboard.

IMG_8591If you really want to impress the crowd, go for broke and load up on jumbo lump crabmeat (you can mix in backfin if the price is off the charts) and your favorite pretzels to whip up mini crab cakes. Easily done ahead, these are worth every penny. I now have my kids obsessed with them and when we have any leftover, they go right onto an English muffin and poached egg for crab Benedict. The hardest part of this recipe is tolerating the noise made when using your food processor to make pretzel bread crumbs. I have taken umpteen photos of these babies frying in the pan, but when I need one, I can’t come up with any. I’ll entice you with the eggs benny shot instead.

Now back to Heather’s tasty, tiny and spicy fish tacos… Looking good, right? Just click through the image to get to the recipe. And if you feel like it, let us both know how you fare trying out these Super Bowl eats.



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