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Welcome to, where you’ll find a mix of content written by me (a reinvented journalist and current full-service public relations business owner), thus far without any pay. Moving forward, I am hoping to add sponsored content to the line-up, so if you’re in need of blogger support, I am happy to send you other writing samples. In the meantime, please enjoy the diverse subject matter highlighting people, places and things (to-do, bring home, eat and share) that I have discovered locally, nationally and around the globe. I am very interested in social good, so you’ll also find many posts about nonprofit causes and organizations. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. Your interest in my blog is not something that I take lightly.

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  1. Pauline Jordan

    Hi Ms. Warden:

    I am hoping to raise blogger support for a worthy cause in Philadelphia, PA I am a student at Temple University and we are sponsoring a “can food” drive for the Philabundance, Inc. organization. Philabundance has been feeding the hungry in Philadelphia for over 30 years. They are in need of can goods at this time in the form of fruits, vegetables, meats, and soups to help continue the fight against hunger. I have a personal interest in this company because of the help I received after a job loss. When I lost my job I was virtually hungry, penniless, and nearly homeless. It took about two years of going from one non-profit to the next trying to get assistance. I am a U.S. Navy female veteran, so I also drew on the support of the military to aide me in my efforts. I managed to go back to school (Temple University), and to obtain adequate housing. Besides the military, only one organization gave me help in my time of desperate need; Philabundance never said no, never shut its doors at any location I visited, and never said they were out of resources and come back some other time. This company literally saved my life and I am a card carrying member to this very day. Thanks to Philabundance; I may have gone to bed broke, gone to bed tired and frustrated, gone to bed hurt and confused, but I never went to bed hungry in the two years I needed their support. So it is with great honor that I hope to be able to try and give something back, and I am trying to get support for this worthy cause. Philabundance accepts donations (virtual) at their website: You can visit our student project website:, or you can bring a can good donation right to the Temple University main campus. Donations are being accepted at the Alter Hall building main entrance, and the Student Center main entrance beginning 8/4/2014. I know this is not your problem, but it is a worthy cause. Philabundance currently feeds 72,000 people per week in the city of Philadelphia, and they could use all the support they can get to continue their fight against hunger. Please help us to help Philabundance.

    Thank you,
    Pauline Jordan (Team Temple (2) )

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