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Unleash Your Potential: Mental Strength Coach Cara Bradley Q+A

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Unleash Your Potential by Finding Your SoulForce

Want to know how to unleash your potential at work, at home and on the field (or track, court, stage…), SoulForce author Cara Bradley reveals her insights in this compelling Q+A.

I don’t usually post work-related writing here, but I am so impressed with the mindset behind Philadelphia-based mental strength coach—and founder of Verge Yoga and Verge Athlete—Cara Bradley‘s forthcoming book (as well as her ability to articulate this so clearly and passionately), that I can’t resist sharing.

I think we all set aside goals (or simply ignore them) for a range of reasons, then one day, we wake up and realize that it’s now or never. And of course, goals come in all shapes and sizes, and levels of significance in our personal stories. Slowing down, dimming the noise and figuring out what you want—and are capable of—is the first step to realizing your full potential. Don’t take my word for it though… Once you read this Q+A, I suspect you’ll be first in line to buy Cara’s book, SoulForce, and to unleash your potential.

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Teens and food allergies: No fun.

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Proud mentor moment: The young girl who I mentor via Mighty Writers just had her first guest blog published. Her topic: the “no fun” aspect of being a teen with food allergies. Miss Rave’n-Dajon Coleman‘s blogging niche is sports, so writing about food, and not in a gushing way, was a bit tough for her. I think she got to heart of what she was feeling: It’s no fun having to think so hard about what you eat when you’re a teenager and have plenty of other things to deal with.

I am sure our blog host, Carrie Curry, will appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. (We Philly Social Media Moms stick together.) And, if you have anyone in your family who is allergic to eggs, I also have a guest post on Chockababy, featuring non-egg recipes—another good reason to visit. Rave’n-Dajon’s post can be found on Chockababy’s homepage and also below. Thanks Carrie for putting Rave’n—and her allergies—in the spotlight.

My Allergy Challenge

Can you imagine being allergic to something you really love? Let me tell you about it. My mother describes the first time I suffered an allergic reaction. I was three years old and eating breakfast at daycare. I don’t know exactly what I ate but my mother later learned it contained egg products. After eating a small amount, my throat began to close, I couldn’t breathe, and I developed hives on my face. An ambulance was called and they injected me with medicine to stop the allergy attack.

As I got older I developed other allergies. I was not only allergic to egg products but peanut butter, walnuts, orange juice, oranges, strawberries, hotdogs, sausages, fish, bananas, grass, dust, cats, dogs, and not to mention soy, which is in everything you can think of.

I’m tired of hearing these words all the time, “Raven you can’t have that you’re allergic to it.” I especially hate when my mom gets worried when I try new foods. She stares at me making sure I won’t have a reaction. This makes it harder for me to enjoy discovering new flavors.

The hardest part about having millions of allergies is when you’re around family and friends and they don’t have to worry about being careful of what they eat. It’s so hard when ordering out with family. While they can order anything on the menu, I am limited to one or two items that I know won’t give me an allergic reaction. It’s tough to see everyone else eat everything while you are left out, but I have learned to live with it.

I have outgrown some of my allergies. I am no longer allergic to eggs, strawberries, orange juice, and I can now eat some foods that contain soy.

If you have a teenager in the house with allergies, you understand how challenging and frustrating it can be for both the parent and the teenager. However, it takes a lot of courage as a parent to allow the teenager the freedom to try new foods and not over-react.


Super Bowl Eats Countdown

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, which makes getting back into the routine akin to starting back at the gym after a few weeks off. The first workout, or in my case blog post, is the hardest to knock out. Lucky for me, one of my sister Philly Social Media Moms and kindred-spirit food fanatic, Heather McCurdy caught my eye on Facebook the other day with these tiny tacos. I am happy to send you her way, because not only is her blog fun to read, she has a bevy of delicious, simple to prepare recipes (served up with a side of sass) and more bite size app recipes in the oven. Thanks to her, my re-entry into is a Super Bowl of fun.

Before I send you over to Real the Kitchen and Beyond, scan your eyes south for a few more recipes to boost your Super Bowl repertoire. And, to satisfy those guests who really don’t give a hoot about the big game.

In the apps for dummies category, I have a super simple recipe made with mid-size portobello mushrooms, Whole Foods spinach and artichoke dip (packed in tubs and possibly in an artichoke-only version as well; in my stores they keep this type of stuff near the prepared foods counter), sun-dried tomato slivers and shredded manchego or locatelli cheese. I made this on a whim once and it was better than I expected. The steps are ridiculously easy and they look quite pretty when done. Alas, for this post, I don’t have an exact shot of the final product. However, the photo below will get your taste buds incentivized. I’ll try to make a batch ASAP and circle back with pics. In the meantime, what you really need to know is under the photo.

portobello Continue reading

under construction (again)

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Just a little note regarding the chameleon-like activity going on here. A technical glitch forced me into some experimenting, and at the moment, I have to leave things where they are. It’s always fun trying on new web designs, but when you’re not a developer, well… you know what that starts to look like. At any rate, I have some great posts on tap and hope that you’ll do a little peeking around while you’re here—and more importantly, come back for more. Oh and by the by, Happy New Year.

– dew